A B-1 Lancer bomber has encountered a crash incident at Ellsworth Air Force Base, with the crew safely ejecting from the aircraft.

On Thursday, a B-1 Lancer bomber affiliated with Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota experienced a crash incident during an attempted landing at approximately 5:50 pm. The aircraft was engaged in a training mission at the time of the accident. Fortunately, all four crew members aboard successfully ejected, as confirmed by the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth in their official statement.

During the crash incident, the prevailing weather conditions were challenging, marked by poor visibility, freezing temperatures, and low-hanging clouds. This information was gathered from automated weather reporting equipment that monitors airfield conditions.

The B-1, a conventional supersonic bomber, entered service in the 1980s and has played a crucial role in various military operations. Primarily utilized to bolster the U.S. bomber presence in the Asia-Pacific region, the B-1 has also been deployed for close air support missions during U.S. operations in Afghanistan. Notably, it is not equipped to carry nuclear weapons.

Of the initial 100 B-1 bombers constructed, the current operational fleet stands at less than 60, with these remaining aircraft stationed at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas and Ellsworth Air Force Base. (AP)

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