Certainly, the active involvement of the government is crucial for India’s push to become a manufacturing hub and compete with China. Government efforts may include:

1. **Industrial Policies:** Formulating and implementing clear and supportive industrial policies that encourage manufacturing growth, attract investments, and create a conducive business environment.

2. **Special Economic Zones (SEZs):** Establishing SEZs with favorable tax and regulatory frameworks to attract both domestic and foreign investments in manufacturing.

3. **Trade Agreements:** Negotiating and entering into strategic trade agreements with key partners to facilitate easier movement of goods, reduce tariffs, and enhance export opportunities.

4. **Financial Incentives:** Providing financial incentives, subsidies, and grants to businesses engaged in manufacturing to reduce costs and encourage investment.

5. **Skill Development Initiatives:** Collaborating with educational institutions and industry to design and implement skill development programs that align with the needs of the manufacturing sector.

6. **Technology Adoption:** Encouraging the adoption of advanced technologies by providing incentives and support for research and development, innovation, and technology transfer.

7. **Infrastructure Development:** Investing in infrastructure projects, including roads, ports, and logistics, to improve connectivity and reduce transportation costs for manufacturing goods.

8. **Ease of Regulatory Compliance:** Simplifying and streamlining regulatory processes to reduce the bureaucratic burden on businesses, making it easier for them to operate.

9. **Promotion of ‘Make in India’:** Actively promoting the “Make in India” initiative to boost domestic manufacturing and increase the competitiveness of Indian products in both domestic and international markets.

The synergy between private sector initiatives and strong government support is essential for the success of India’s vision to become a manufacturing powerhouse.

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